A Farmers' Friend

Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura, affectionately known as "Farmers' Friend," is dedicated to enhancing farmers' livelihoods through his agricultural expertise. His work significantly benefits agricultural communities, fostering sustainable practices.

An Agriscientist

Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura is a distinguished agriscientist renowned for his contributions to sustainable farming practices. His research has greatly impacted agricultural sustainability and earned him global recognition.

An Agripreneur

Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura, a visionary agripreneur, blends innovation and agriculture, driving agricultural advancements. His entrepreneurial spirit has transformed farming practices, fostering economic growth in rural communities.

Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura

Mysore’s very own AGRI DOCTOR’. Mysore City’s own globally recognised agriculture Scientist, Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura fondly known as ‘PLANT DOCTOR’. He is an Agriculture Expert travels across the state to provide much needed advice to farmers. He has opened a Disease diagnosis laboratory in Mysore.  He is a teacher and science writer who has written many articles in both kannada and English magazines to popularise science among common people. He has delivered lectures in schools and colleges and on radio and television. And provides awareness and training to different level of people involved in agricultural activities.

Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura – YouTube Channel


“Through this biotechnology, we are teaching farmers in India to plough more”

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Farmer's Friend

“Most farmers do not have a clear idea when it comes to growing techniques. Their methods are not scientific, it is important that agricultural research centers and universities take up research on pest control and pest strains”