Dr. Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura is an internationally recognized Agricultural Scientist and a Social Entrepreneur with an immense commitment to the farming community. His contributions to the field of agriculture through his innovative research, products and extension activities are remarkable and have contributed enormously in increasing the productivity and quality of economically important crops.
Dr. Vasanth Kumar is a very dedicated, committed, practical and passionate scientist. The very fact that he served in a multinational company for fifteen long years with steady growth, speaks about his result oriented research acumen.
He has developed many simple, repeatable, economical, practical disease screening techniques that have enabled the breeders to select disease resistant lines, varieties and hybrids.
He is an innovative new generation scientist, prolific science writer, creative photographer, inspiring teacher, fluent orator and a committed social worker and thinker.
His creativity can be seen all his business activities, service activities, extension activities and literary works.

Social Entrepreneur

New Concepts:

  1. Products:

Product 1 – Improving the plant physiological metabolism:  

  • An organic plant tonic, PHYTON-T, formulated by him has been able to increase the yield and quality by manifolds in various crops. It does so by increasing the root mass, number & size of leaves and the chlorophyll content per unit area. The product has been tested and recommended by University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
  • New concepts have been successfully introduced in solving the ‘hard to control’ disease problems in important crops like root rot and wilt diseases of banana, black pepper, pomegranate, tobacco, etc.

 Product 2 – Virus disease management:  

  • Another, plant extract based, organic product has been developed which makes the virus infected plants to recover from the symptoms and yield normally. This is, indeed, a breakthrough in the field of Plant Pathology. The product is already commercialized and simultaneously being tested by premier institutes like Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessaraghatta, Bangalore. This product is going to revolutionize viral disease management of crops, especially in horticultural crops.

Micro finance – in the form of essential inputs:

Dr. Vasanth Kumar’s company, Green Life science Technologies, has created a new history by supplying its products to the farmers on interest- free credit, without any security, for a period of more than six months. More than 12,000 farmers have been benefitted by this scheme where each farmer receives critical agri-inputs worth Rs. 2500/- which translates into Rs. 50,000 additional income to them.
This kind of micro-finance system in the form of indispensable inputs has no parallel example anywhere in the country. This has immense positive impact on the socio-economic status of these farmers.
The best testimony for his unique microfinance system comes from none other than Nobel laureate Prof. Mohammud Yunus, the father of microfinance. He has evinced his interest to introduce this scheme through his Yunus Center.