Dr. Thimakapura

  • Dr. Vasanth Kumar hails from a farming family in Thimakapura village (Periyapatna taluk, Mysore district, Karnataka State). He is the third child among the seven children of Sri, T. Mallappa and Smt. Puttamma couple. He had his schooling in Government schools of Periyapatna and then he had rest of his education in the city of Mysore.
  • He studied B.Sc. (Botany, Zoology and Chemistry) in Yuvaraja’s college and emerged as a subject scholar in Zoology in 1975.
  • Then he pursued his higher education in Manasagangotri, University of Mysore. He did his M.Sc.(Botany), M.Phil. (Seed Pathology) and Ph.D. in Applied Botany from there.
  • In the year 1984 he started his career as a Lecturer in the same department and taught M.Phil. students for three years. Though he had deep love and flare for teaching, his passion for practical field research which would be useful and relevant to farmers, made him to quit his most coveted and secured job in the esteemed university.
  • He was, in the meanwhile, invited by the then world’s largest seed company Pioneer Hi-bred International of USA to lead the Pathology research in India. During this stint of 15 years in the seed industry he had an excellent opportunity to work with world class crop breeders, pathologists, entomologists, agronomists and other agri scientists.


  • He has travelled all over the world, attended and participated in various scientific conferences, worked with many world class fellow scientists. This has given him a treasure of knowledge and experience which he is using to educate the Indian farmers. Though Dr. Vasanth Kumar is a global person, he believes in solving the local problems and serving the needy farmers of the country. The whole family including his wife, daughter and son-in-law are also specialized in agriculture and involved themselves in this unique program.
  • In one of the international conferences he was fortunate to meet the father of Green Revolution, the man who fed the world, the man who saved billion lives, Nobel laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug. This meeting inspired Dr. Vasanth Kumar to go to farmers directly and help them.
  • In 2011, he quit his lucrative and respectable job to start his own organization to work directly with the farmers and solve crop problems faced by them. As it is said that ‘charity should begin at home’, he returned to his native place and started his farmers’ service. For the last 15 years, he has been relentlessly working, researching and serving the farming community in his unique way.
  • His wife Smt. Vaasanthi, who is a M.Sc., M.Phil. graduate, also quit her government job to support him and both have dedicated to farmers’ welfare. They are blessed with a daughter and a son. Daughter Chaitra inspired by her parents, preferred to study Agriculture for her graduation at UAS, GKVK, Bangalore and then got her MBA degree from National Institute for Agribusiness Management, Hyderabad, and now pursuing her Ph.D. program in University of Mysore. She is married to Mr. Bharath who is an Engineer with MBA from London School of Business & Finance, who also quit his lucrative job in Samsung, UAE to join the mission to help farmers.
  • Son Vaishak is an intellectual and ambitious boy. He did his bachelors from University of Pennsylvania, USA; internship in The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, Paris; attended Cannes film festival representing Upenn ( a rare thing at the age of 21), and then he won President’s Engagement Prize of whopping US $ 1,50,000/- to do his project on farmers in India. Needless to say that he is very much inspired by his family members.
  • After completion of his pet project, now he has joined prestigious London School of Economics & Political science, to do his M.Sc. in Economics.
  • Dr. Vasanth Kumar is a blessed person with a big circle of relatives, friends and professional peers. He is a multi-talented and multifaceted personality. He has earned a great deal of respect as an agricultural scientist (though he is a basic botanist). He is a popular science writer (both in Kannada and English), best science communicator and a professional photographer.
  • More than everything, he is a great human being. He is a very simple, social, down to earth person with enormous humility and humanity. He is also a person with very clear goal and ethical means to achieve it.
  • Vasanth is well known as Agri-consultant and providing Consultancy to various companies like Monsanto, Bioseeds, Reliance, Tiera seeds etc
  • Recently Dr. Vasanth developed another new product Powerplus which is very effective in the management of viral diseases of the crop plants.
  • He has developed a group of scientists by imparting his scientific knowledge, spirit, commitment to serve the farming community of this region.