Farmers’ Friend

  • Dr. Vasanth Kumar is one of the rarest scientists who have immense concern and commitment to the farming community. Even his Ph.D. thesis, which heralded a new era in thesis presentation in University of Mysore, is dedicated to the farming community. This speaks about his vision for the farmers from the student life itself. The very reason why he quit his most secured job in the coveted university also tells about his ability to take risk for the sake of others. He is of the opinion that Indian farmers need effective extension service from the government, knowledge about the latest information on Integrated crop management that includes, soil, water, pest and disease management, in addition to market facility for their produce. But, unfortunately the extension activities by the government agencies are not sufficient enough to cater to the need of the needy farmers. Hence, he decided to take up this task and started educating farmers through his own unique ways which are highly appreciated by the farmers. Hence, he is popularly known as ‘Farmer Friend Agri scientist’.
  • His extension activities are multifaceted and have been very successful in reaching the rural mass very effectively.
  • He has written hundreds of articles on agriculture and published in local language and English in leading magazines.
  • He has given innumerable training programs to the farmers at village level.
  • Solutions to local crop problems are provided through local TV channels.
  • He has established a state of the art laboratory and library (Books, magazines and videos on agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, etc.) which cater to the needs of local farmers, free of cost.
  • This laboratory also provides free online disease diagnosis service, which is first of its kind in the country.
  • He has always lent a helping hand to farmers in times of distress and prevented the damage of crops at his own cost, much to their relief.
  • He has saved many individual farmers’ crops whenever the crop was damaged by various reasons, at his own cost and saved the lives of many farmers.
  • He has adopted a few government schools and orphanages where he has motivated the students and staff to go for cultivation of vegetables and fruits and provided them with necessary seedlings and inputs.
Disease Diagnosis Manual:

He is shortly releasing a pictorial book on “Disease Diagnosis and Management” which provides practical methods of disease diagnosis and management methods in important crops of India. This is a combination of his professional knowledge of science of Plant Pathology and world class photographic skill. The color pictures of crop diseases, depicting the finest details of the disease, would serve as an excellent tool for the diagnosis of crop diseases which is the first and foremost important step in disease control.