Farmers' Friend

Farmer’s Friend

Mysore’ s Very Own ‘Agri Doctor’

Mysore City’s own globally recognized agriculture Scientist, Dr.Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura fondly known as ‘PLANT DOCTOR’.

Dr.Thimakapura is the main most person farmers got to when their crops fail. Agricultural Expert Dr.Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura, travels across the state providing much needed advice to farmers. He has opened a soil testing laboratory in Mysore.


Dr. Thimakapura conducts workshop, their he explains about testing the soil, selecting bulbous roots, treating them, the preparation of the land before sowing, how to have balanced proteins in the soil, how to deduct protein deficiency and diseases and how to avoid rust. Likewise he clearly explains the procedure, care and safety about growing crops.

“Our farmers should utilise the facilities provided by the government so that they can have a good yield”- Message to farmers by Thimakapura.

He Explain the importance of biotechnology where GM Foods are modified using it.

India’s population alone is closer to 126 crores. Due to immense growth in population, the agricultural land is under threat. Very high number of farmers in India have very little or no knowledge on the use of pesticides and other chemicals used on the soil leading to a great negative consequence observed throughout the country. Therefore the solution for all this agricultural complications and threats is none other but Biotech Plants which allows for more food to be grown even in low water conditions increasing crop yields, food that can guarantee India’s food security today and in the future.

“Arrogant people who just don’t want to accept change make negative kinds of comments about biotech foods” – commented by VKT

“Through this biotechnology, we are teaching farmers in India to plough more”– words by VKT.

Dr.Vasanth Kumar Thimakapura commitment for the farming community is well-known and has always put his enormous expertise in the field of plant pathology to good use and helped enhance the productivity of crops and profitability to the farmers. He has always lent a helping hand to farmers in times of distress and prevented the damage of crops at his own cost, to much of their relief.

His company, Green Lifescience technologies has created history by supplying his products to the farmers on interest free credit without any security for more tham six months. Hence it is only fitting that mysuru’s ‘Plant Wizard’ has been honoured with so many prestigious awards.

“It is learnt that farmers with no proper  knowledge about the farming end up investing on the worng crop. Proper guidance can reduce their investment and augment the profit” BY Dr. VKT At the inauguration NSS Training Programme.

“Mysore District with fertile soil and good connectivity can give more importance to growing vegetables. Farmers should grow them as alternative crop”

Dr. Vasanth Kumar is recognized as Agri -Scientist from National and International Scientific Community. Moreover he is a science communicator, writer, teacher, social worker, Agri-entrepreneur, debater, and a very good photographer.

“Most farmers do not have a clear idea when it comes to growing techniques. Their methods are not scientific, it is important that agricultural research centers and universities take up research on pest control and pest strains”